Changzhou Shichuang Energy Technology Co., Ltd., founded in November 2009 by the State Key Laboratory of Silicon Materials (Zhejiang University), is located in Jiangsu Liyang City. Oriented by R & D, the Company is committed to solve numerous challenges faced by “Low carbon and environment protection” in China today and focusing on photovoltaic cell, energy storage cell, environmental protection materials, etc. With keen industry insight and strong R & D power, the Company has provided many world-leading products and services such as crystalline silicon solar cell texturing catalyst, silicon wafer detergent and high-efficiency cell technology for more than 100 photovoltaic enterprises in China. The company adheres to the concept of “production innovation and customer service” and continuously launches innovative products to meet the demands of customers.

The Company always respects professional talents and attaches great importance to team building. The Company has 7 PhDs and 14 masters currently, and the R & D team is composed of 7 PhDs and 10 masters who are majored in Silicon Materials, Macromolecule, Analytical Chemistry, Microstructures, etc. They have in-depth research in their respective fields and their specialties are complementary with each other. In 2010, the Company enhanced the strength through cooperating with Zhejiang University to establish a joint R & D center in Hangzhou; meanwhile, the Company also cooperates with Zhongxu Education to cultivate and standardize the team, promote professional quality and team cohesiveness of the team and improve the Company’s competiveness. With a positive, practical and sharing attitude, the Company’s team works extensively with peers at home and abroad and attracts talents at various levels to create a bright future together.
Adhering to the principle of the Company “Keeping pace with progress and seeking truth and innovation” and taking “Safety, quality, speed and service” as the corporate culture, all the employees sincerely cooperate with each other, make common process and aspire to create an industry-leading enterprise in new energies and materials.
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